Friday, May 28, 2010

Challenge 10

This year I did 33 post and none of those got a comment. All but one was for school and the one that wasn't for school was my own interest. None of my post got any comments; I think that was because no one wanted to read my posts and if they did read it that just thought it wasn't that good and I really don't disagree with that. The post that was my favorite was the post "If you could go anywhere where would you go?" I liked this one because it let me think about all the places in the world and made me think of which one I thought was most interesting. But, of course I know right away which one I wanted to go to because I thought alot about Ireland and how my friends and I are going to go there someday. I changed my themes because of the things that we had to write about. I have 10 widgets, I think. If I counted the right thing anyway. I think this would be enough for me because I know how to use these. Adding more would most likely confuse me. But, for people that know what they are doing the more the marrier. As always the reason for this blog topic is because of this website.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Challenge 9; How teens use their cell phones

Only 25% of teens don't have cell phones. That's not a lot compaired to the other 75% that do have cell phones. But, back in 2004 only 45% had cell phones. It's save to say that cell phones have become more popular over the last six years. About 72% of teens text-messagers and out of thoses 33% send more then 100 texts a day! I have a friend that would fit this percent. But, one of the more interesting number of texting is one in three teens text while driving. Teens if they have them use their cell phones everyday. Now all teens need to do is learn when and where to use their cell phones. By the way I got this challenge from this website.