Monday, April 12, 2010

Challenge 6

The five blogs I think you should vist is Aashley's , Nikki's , Bryon's , marksblog and Megan's. The reason I think you should vist theses blogs is because they all have their own way of writing and sometimes they have really good points. For example Aashley writes really good and she has a way of making you think about things. Nikki brings up very good points on how to handle things. In her post she makes you think about the topic and really makes you care about issues. Bryon writes a lot so you get more information about different things. Marksblog last post was about history and I think that it's important to read different opinions about topics like that. Megan wrote about facebook and my space. She wrote about the issues with facebook and my space and how if your not careful then it could turn out bad for you in the future. So these are the blogs I think you should check out. I got this blogging change from this website.

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